the loss of dating ?

Somewhere along the line American society lost the concept of dating.  For awhile it was there, our grandparents can tell us that.  People would go on dates or be dating someone specifically which would eventually potentially lead to a relationship.  Thus was the point in dating, to get to know a person, to do something fun and creative and most of all, romantic.  If you really liked this guy or girl, it was your time to shine, to win them over.  Somewhere at some point, the idea of dating diminished.  Today you are either in a hardcore relationship or you’re not.  You’re either in some kind of friends with benefits type scenario/it’s complicated, completely single, in a relationship or married.  “Dating” as we know it just does not really exist.  But why not?  Why can’t I ‘date’ someone?  If I’m interested in a girl and see a connection shouldn’t I pursue her by taking her out on dates?  Can’t my relationship status on Facebook be “is dating so and so” which may eventually lead to “is in a relationship with”?  I know it’s a hard line to define, and some people’s ideas of “dating” might be way different than others, but I just don’t see why the word can’t be brought back into society in general.  There is one man though who holds the power to bring this word back and transform society and the way it could go about relationships.  That man is of course, Mark Zuckerberg.  How the world surrendered all of their personal information to one edgy Harvard dropout, I don’t know, but it’s an amazing story nonetheless and whether you want to accept it or not Facebook has an incredible hold over society.  Before there was Facebook, people met in public much easier than they do today.  If someone approaches you and you don’t know them there can be a sense of discomfort or for some, even creepiness.  Our parents met on the streets, roaming their neighborhoods, walking on the beach, at public events.  Not to say that we don’t still do that, it’s just not as common as it once was and definitely not as easy either.  It’s interesting to see ‘The Facebook Effect’ and how it has changed particular situations.  Why must it be so weird and awkward to talk to people we don’t know when going about our every day lives?  Partially because of Facebook.  So, what if Zuckerberg simply made “is dating..” an option?  Would things change?  Would people actually ‘date’ or would they see it just as an excuse to be committed but not really, almost like a ‘pre-relationship’ so the door is still open for “fun with other people” or would they ‘date’ in the traditional sense of the word?  Discuss!

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  1. Josh says:

    great discussion guys -___-

  2. Mark says:

    I thought I commented on this. I think society needs to change. There is so much pressure to move a relationship quickly. Everyone needs to stop, step back, and start over. Relationships start and end WAAAAYYY to quickly. I think Facebook, yes, does have quite a bit influence over popular culture and society and could take a stand against it. Sadly, most people think nothing is wrong with it (“dating”).

  3. Jules says:

    I think Facebook takes away from the genuine connection of a relationship in general. People rely on others profile information to give them an idea of who they are instead of getting to know them face-to-face. Facebook allows jealousy to seep into relationships as well. Though facebook is great for seeing how people are doing, it should not be the sole source of knowing a person.

    The culture…give me information now about Bob…quicken the getting to know or maybe even skipping it. Bob looks like a good christian because of his facebook statuses. Crushes come on. Liking happens. Then bam, relationship within a week and saying I love you a week later. Fast-paced culture, never taking a break to really enjoy each moment with somebody. Wanting to get to the “fun” part of the relationship, which for a lot is the sexual experiences. People jump in the deep end and do not realize what they are giving up. Their values are way offshore. If you don’t want to have sex in a relationship, then the person may not want to date you. This doesn’t go for everybody, though.

    Dating in America seems to be a selfish idea. Getting what you want when you want it and going any mile to get it. Manipulation, lies, seduction. It’s a joke and a disaster as well.

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