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The Inevitable Sadness

"I saw all those people at the bus stops in London waiting to go to work. I'd rather take my chance in Africa again than have to go to work every day by bus" - Dr. Nicholas Garrigan, 'The Last King of Scotland' by Giles Foden

“I saw all those people at the bus stops in London waiting to go to work. I’d rather take my chance in Africa again than have to go to work every day by bus” – Dr. Nicholas Garrigan, ‘The Last King of Scotland’ by Giles Foden

Our plane almost went down over the Sahara as we flew from Ghana to London. Just after the flight attendants had went through the cabin serving tea and coffee the aircraft experienced massive turbulence somewhere over Mali. Jolting up and down and from side to side we gripped our arm rests and held our breath. People all around us were gasping and spilling tea, throwing up into bags. Out of the hundreds of flights I had been on this was by far the most extreme turbulence. Outside looked like a sandstorm, the clouds rustic tinted from the massive desert below. Mark looked at me and said, “Is this the end?”  Continue reading “The Inevitable Sadness” »

where i feel most at home

is when I am away from ‘home.’  In fact, for me, it’s hard to say where home really is.  I have fallen in love with too many places throughout my travels and have made an ever so growing list of locations I could see myself living for at least a time.  Nothing makes me feel more at home than being out on the open road, exploring some new part of America or another country, taking detours and exits through unexplored towns and cities.

It makes sense why the nomadic lifestyle has so much appeal.  With Jack Kerouac and Alexander Supertramp as convincing guides, a secure future really is the most dangerous thing to the adventurous spirit.  I try to remind myself of this every time I think about the future and it actually encourages me to know that if I had a totally secure set-in-stone future, how miserable and unfulfilled that would be.  What is life without some kind of epic story of struggle, discovery, love, loss, defeat, triumph, redemption? Continue reading “where i feel most at home” »


So what do we do with our shattered confidence?  Can it be restored?  Whether you agree with the Occupy movement or not, there is no denying that there are some serious problems not only with America, but the entire world.  Not that there hasn’t always. You can agree or disagree all you want with the protests, but you cannot sit back and say everything is okay and on the right track.  Absolutely not.  And the most bizarre part is that we knew it was heading towards this, for years… and now there’s been an awakening and the people are restless, on all sides of the political spectrums.

Uprisings all throughout Europe, the Middle East and now our doorstep… There’s Occupy protests in over 1000 U.S. cities and throughout the world.. We’re entering a new era of The Great Disruption where the extremely wealthy completely isolate themselves from the other classes, the middle class dwindles away , and the giant corperations and investment groups control the wealth and the government, as they have for too long. Continue reading “awakening” »