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but thy eternal summer shall not fade

With the windows rolled down and the summer pop-punk music blasting, the two friends cruised the Garden State Parkway at 75 miles per hour, heading south onto the Jersey Cape as the sun disappeared to the west, its streaks reflecting off aviators while a salty scent of ocean air swept through the vintage 80’s K-car.  Their conversation hadn’t stopped in over an hour…

“… It would be simple and affordable.  And cute of course.  I’d bring her a flower, but just one.  Unless it’s a special occasion because I wouldn’t want to overdo it or freak her out.  It wouldn’t be a rose either.  They’re nice but for a simple date, I’d prefer something, I don’t know, more playful I guess.. like a white carnation.”

“Definitely!  And I would leave something on her doorstep because its all about the surprises and what could be better than waking up to something like that?”

“See boss, we’re thinking on those courtly love levels again, and lets be honest with ourselves, that’s just not at all what they really want, even though they’ll say all day that it is.”

The song faded as the car slowed to a stop at the traffic light on Stone Harbor Boulevard, a place that was a heart ache for the driver.  Don’t call me peanut by Bayside was next on the ipod shuffle.

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I wouldn’t read this if I were you..

With sleep slowly diminishing from my life, it’s no wonder I can barely think straight anymore. Grasping the porcelain sink with clammy, quivering hands, I grappled for my contact lens case, slippery with saline. The ghastly image in the mirror was almost unrecognizable as me. My face a pale yellowish complexion, hazy bloodshot slits for eyes and a drooping lip. The Thorazine tablets the doctor prescribed to me were wearing off and I was starting to feel the effects of a nervous twitch. I’ve stopped taking them now though; I have to get to the bottom of this. Continue reading “I wouldn’t read this if I were you..” »