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    Summer’s Lease Hath All Too Short a Date

    Sprawled out on a blanket, a mid-September’s dusk settles over the beach. My feet dig beneath the fluffy, cool white sand while a still warm ocean froths and lapses against the shore. The wind in your strawberry blonde hair covers your large blue eyes but I can see you smile, you beautiful pink lips coated with invisible kisses I smothered you with all Summer. You were the best thing to ever happen to me, hands down. We met before the season officially started, introduced at a crowded party one evening along the bay. From the moment I caught glimpse of you I thought you angelic, standing out among everyone else…

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    I wouldn’t read this if I were you..

    After receiving a confusing and troubling phone call this young man thinks he might be going insane. Does he live in two alternate realities with one trying to get in touch with the other? I wouldn't read this if I were you... unless you want to stay up all night