the noble vision that was merely a vision

Seemed like a vast open door that I’d fallen severely enamored with.  As fantastic as it was, wrapped up in all its royal graciousness, it was a righteous hearts hope and nothing more.

“I think I would be extremely happy to know that I’m yours,” you had said.

You were a hope glistening on the infinite scope and I, as always, was so caught up in the magnificence of it, seeing only that…

The Vision started simple, perfect as you will, but later treacherously ravaging my imagination, frolicking wildly over the open expanses like a false enchantment under the muse of romance.

Foolishly I focused all my optimism on The Vision because nothing seemed more dignified than what it showed me.

Everything was spontaneous at first, but The Vision dimly flaunted what I swore was me and you, holding hands.

We lived epically and did things most people wouldn’t because to us nothing was a hassle, it was unconditional adventure.

The Vision sailed along, I watched us driving together, eating together, praying together, exploring together, sleeping together…

Your words resounded throughout The Vision, “Please have faith in me.”

And because my mind was so vulnerable to such idealism, I did.

Even though I shouldn’t have.

It’s because reality is no place for me and surely it’s no place for The Vision either.

Nevertheless, I let it take over,

(as I always do)

but this time was different, I swear

(just like all the other times).

There was so much to show each other, so much to talk about, so much missed time to catch up on, and for once what had been stashed and treasured for years finally began to reveal itself…

The Vision was such a bright light on the horizon, so captivating and prominent, but little by little I’d lose sight of it..

But before I let The Vision get totally carried away, I braced myself and did something I wouldn’t have normally, protecting and guarding my impractical heart.

Suddenly I discovered where exactly I was when I saw The Vision.

It was something I couldn’t catch in time and couldn’t capture, having no control over.  All I could do was stand amazed, watching it as it vanished, splashing its fading glow against the shipwreck before me as I savored what I could see, while wishing it would’ve lasted.

And as the darkness encroached the very evening we finally did meet, and the light began to disappear that twilight, so did The Vision.

But that sunset was matchless!

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