how to so easily fall in love with the idea of someone

Someone will walk into the room,
take their seat, and
instantly she’ll have my full attention.
What is it exactly? Well,
you’re different, and it’s a sure thing
I haven’t seen you here before.
Way to break up my routine,
giving me something new to dwell on.
I’m taken by your presence so quiet
that now dominates me so loudly.
Where once I’d tune out,
now I’m tuned in
to your graceful elegance,
the manner in which you’ve positioned your
self in the chair, and the
hushed, humble murmur of your
very shy, even trembling voice.
You have my attention.
My newest fascination,
but who are you really?
Just stay this way for me
please, don’t move because
the second I get to know you
everything will change.
And we wouldn’t want that now
would we?

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