I wake up in a pool of sweat, mind reeling, room spinning, clutching my chest. Blood soaks the sheets and my fingertips I pull from a gaping hole where my heart once was. I try to take a breath but I can’t, it won’t let me. I shake again, now I’m actually awake. There’s no blood, just a thumping coupled with an uneasiness I hadn’t felt in days and thought I wouldn’t have to feel again, at least for awhile. Continue reading “Circumstances” »

The Beautiful Letdown

If hurting me was truly one of the hardest things she ever had to do in her life, surely she wouldn’t be with someone else so quickly. There would be no possible way her heart could be in that place. It must not have been hard at all. I wish I had been worth an in-person breakup, and a time of healing, but I wasn’t. Yet she doesn’t ask, she demands that I believe her.

I want to. But I don’t.