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glimpses and revelations

Has life ever been eerily prophetic and seemingly carefully orchestrated to you?  Have you ever been able to look back and see, like a puzzle, how certain things that happened led to something in the future, as if it were all meant to be?  Isn’t it fascinating that even bad things can work together for good and that what you cannot see now you might be able to see crystal clear in the future and then gasp in awe?

Thinking back to the end of my freshmen year of college, I remember wanting so badly to transfer out of the school I had chosen.  I hated the location of Kentucky and kept thinking about where I would rather be.  My heart was set on Washington DC.  I sent a transfer application to GWU and hoped for the best.  Though, it was as if all of a sudden, one day I just knew that I couldn’t leave Asbury, that I was meant to stay.  It was almost unexplained, but I just knew in my heart that to leave would be to take my life into my own hands instead of letting God guide.  However, Washington wasn’t off the table.  No, I absolutely knew that somehow, someway I would end up there, the only thing that was missing was the when and how. Continue reading “glimpses and revelations” »

a holiday from real

As one of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys, it would only make sense that I would escape turning another year older by a few hours.  Besides, there’s no place I rather spend my birthday than a beautiful coast that is both warm and sunny.. for me: uncharted territory and experience.. something fresh.

After weeks and weeks of endless rain and dreary depressing weather, I’m escaping this coast and heading to the other, down and to the left.

I had a very special feeling the first time I visited Los Angeles.  There was a clear unprecedented sentiment that swept over me and I couldn’t deny this rather unexpected sensational connection.   Continue reading “a holiday from real” »

Infinity 1.

Oslo, Norway

The armored police convoy made its way to the courthouse.  Breivik stared at the crowds of people awaiting his arrival.  Journalists, protestors and police surrounded the building.  Minutes later he was escorted inside through an underground tunnel and up to the “closed to the public” 8th floor.  The hearing lasted 35 minutes.  Judge Kim Heger ruled that Breivik should be remanded in custody for eight weeks and held in isolation for a month.  The prosecution asked that he should not receive letters or visitors, a request which was also granted.  This on top of only 21 years in prison for the brutal massacre of almost 100 people, Breivik now had a month completely to himself.  Lawyers said that Breivik was co-operative, adding that he claimed to have been acting alone but mentioned other “cells” within Europe.  After the speedy hearing, Breivik stood up, a smug glance through beady eyes at Heger and exited the room, police on either side.  Heger wiped his brow, removed his glasses and took a deep breath.  The room seemed heavy as he sat staring for a few seconds after the door had shut..


Washington, DC


The blue line train slowed and came to a stop at the Franconia/Springfield Metro Station.  Infinity News Network Editor and Chief Ainsley Kate Wilson sipped a vente iced starbucks coffee and checked her iPhone.  One new email message.  She stood up, grabbed her bag and pushed the blonde hair from her face, standing beside the platform as the train pulled away.  The email came from a source, a reliable unnamed person out in cyber space who had always proved accurate and seemed to trust Ainsley and the Infinity Network.  As always the email was a (no subject).  “Gardenslayer arrested in Shetland Islands as of an hour ago, check personal account.”  That’s usually how it was, short and to the point.  Ainsley tensed at the thought of one of Infinity’s most reliable sources being arrested, especially the one who helped get the news organization off the ground.  His online identity was Topiary Gardenslayer, no one knew who he was or where he resided but he was a prominent member of the global vigilante hacker group known as ‘Anonymous.’
The group described themselves as freedom fighters, anti-censorship defenders of free speech and Julian Assange’s whistle-blower safe haven website, WikiLeaks.  Anonymous had proved to never be underestimated.   Continue reading “Infinity 1.” »