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but thy eternal summer shall not fade

With the windows rolled down and the summer pop-punk music blasting, the two friends cruised the Garden State Parkway at 75 miles per hour, heading south onto the Jersey Cape as the sun disappeared to the west, its streaks reflecting off aviators while a salty scent of ocean air swept through the vintage 80’s K-car.  Their conversation hadn’t stopped in over an hour…

“… It would be simple and affordable.  And cute of course.  I’d bring her a flower, but just one.  Unless it’s a special occasion because I wouldn’t want to overdo it or freak her out.  It wouldn’t be a rose either.  They’re nice but for a simple date, I’d prefer something, I don’t know, more playful I guess.. like a white carnation.”

“Definitely!  And I would leave something on her doorstep because its all about the surprises and what could be better than waking up to something like that?”

“See boss, we’re thinking on those courtly love levels again, and lets be honest with ourselves, that’s just not at all what they really want, even though they’ll say all day that it is.”

The song faded as the car slowed to a stop at the traffic light on Stone Harbor Boulevard, a place that was a heart ache for the driver.  Don’t call me peanut by Bayside was next on the ipod shuffle.

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I really must stop

building things up in my mind.
After many years, one is stumbled upon
worth putting it all out there for
a breath of genuine fresh air
in a world cloaked with ash.
Heart muscles tense,
an anxious stirring,
a nervous thrill of an idea.
Stomach churning with anticipation of
the most virtuous and noble thoughts
play themselves out in my
mind so focused, so settled in
to this adorable vision.
Finally, a sigh of
relief where a glimmer of hope
beacons on my life’s dim horizon,
and then,
Swept away.
No more.

(only an idea)

how to so easily fall in love with the idea of someone

Someone will walk into the room,
take their seat, and
instantly she’ll have my full attention.
What is it exactly? Well,
you’re different, and it’s a sure thing
I haven’t seen you here before.
Way to break up my routine,
giving me something new to dwell on.
I’m taken by your presence so quiet
that now dominates me so loudly.
Where once I’d tune out,
now I’m tuned in
to your graceful elegance,
the manner in which you’ve positioned your
self in the chair, and the
hushed, humble murmur of your
very shy, even trembling voice.
You have my attention.
My newest fascination,
but who are you really?
Just stay this way for me
please, don’t move because
the second I get to know you
everything will change.
And we wouldn’t want that now
would we?