The Beautiful Letdown

If hurting me was truly one of the hardest things she ever had to do in her life, surely she wouldn’t be with someone else so quickly. There would be no possible way her heart could be in that place. It must not have been hard at all. I wish I had been worth an in-person breakup, and a time of healing, but I wasn’t. Yet she doesn’t ask, she demands that I believe her.

I want to. But I don’t.


It was June, 2015 and we met for dinner at The Revolutionary Lounge & Cafe in Toms River. The quaint coffeehouse lined with local art became a halfway point for us to meet before I moved from my apartment in Ocean City to Philadelphia. As we ate, I marveled at her, as I always did, up until the very end.

“I have an important question for you,” I said as I took a bite of my salad. She winced with curiosity. “Do you believe in free will or destiny?” Continue reading “Perspective” »

To The Girls Who “Aren’t Ready”

This article originally appeared on Thought Catalog and was written by Yeniffer Pang-Chung. For the below posting, the gender has been modified.

The thrill of that moment when you meet someone that you can finally connect with is amazing. It feels like that aha moment I have been waiting for. When both the mental and physical collide in such a glorious fashion that it makes me thirst for more. When days turn into nights and when nights turn into mornings. Everything suddenly appears to be so seamless between you two and your steps become lighter and your smile is brighter. Continue reading “To The Girls Who “Aren’t Ready”” »