The Unintended Story

Eddie Flotte, watercolor of Strathmere, NJ

Eddie Flotte, watercolor of Strathmere, NJ

I clicked open the file on my computer. The document spread across the screen and I began to read.

The rain was relentless that night and it left a chilly fog across the barrier island beach town. Outside the coffee shop I was posted-up in, the salt air hung low and dense, the boardwalk smeared with wet sand and melting slush from last week’s snow. The salt marshes in the bay filled and flooded, snaking their way across the sea grass and into murky crevasses.

Taking another sip of tea, I continued reading, completely enthralled by the sheer terror and fascination of the words I could barely believe I was actually reading until my cell phone buzzed with an incoming call. Flashing across the screen was an unfamiliar number with Maui, Hawaii underneath. Continue reading “The Unintended Story” »

Postcard from the Coast

Of all the cities in the world, there’s something about this one that seeps into my veins. Even in the dead of winter, this place calls to me, tugs at my heart and pulls ferociously with the strength and vigor of a gusting tide from the ancient sea rolling and lapping against the sand of this place.

It’s a dangerous safe haven. Outside the glass, there’s the squawking of gulls fighting over a remnant of food, trash or a fish they plucked from the sea. I fix my gaze on the ocean. The summer is too busy to really see or know this place. You can get lost and caught up in the massive pleasure-seeking crowds that are only in town to catch some sun and self-indulgence. They don’t care for or appreciate the unique history. They don’t know that this was once a wild barrier island, untamed and unkempt, a desolate wasteland guarding the New Jersey mainland, inhabited by Native Americans and lone whalers who built shacks in the dunes. They don’t know what it’s like to walk lonely hotel corridors in the dead of January, feel the frosty gale of cold salt water smacking their face while trekking a snow-covered boardwalk, a glittery coastal skyline disappearing behind them in a fog of fading lights. Continue reading “Postcard from the Coast” »