when yellow leaves or none or few do hang

Is this what it all comes down to?

I should have thought more about this day while I still had some time.

It was inevitably going to come, why hadn’t I thought or prepared for it at all?

Shouldn’t we all prepare for it?

It’s the rain that scared me and brought to mind the wretched memories of my petrified past.

Reminiscences no human being should ever have to live with resonated inside my young, exposed and tormented psyche.

The downpour pounded harder and harder against the glass and I barely recognized my foggy reflection. Continue reading “when yellow leaves or none or few do hang” »

America’s oppressive education system

I have never had any school pride.  No matter where I went, the school colors, mascot or functions never appealed to me.  Certain teachers and friends made all the difference, helping to change and shape my life, the institution however, has done little to actually benefit me.  It is because school presented more red tape, road blocks, bureaucracy and stipulations than enriching learning and pointing me in the direction of my strengths.  I would go as far as to say school oppressed my gifts, talents, creativity and interests more than it helped them.  There were unforgettable teachers that went out of their way to teach and share their lives, those I am grateful for and will never forget, but the institution as a whole existed to make me jump through hoops, waste my time, and leave me drowning in debt.  It’s really no wonder I have always seen it as The Enemy. Continue reading “America’s oppressive education system” »

our new reality

Frustrated by a feeling of powerlessness over taxation policies, economic inequality and a shattered confidence in what was once the great idea of America, it is no wonder that ‘We the People’ my generation in particular, is angry.  And rightfully so..  There is something terribly wrong with corporate greed, the money that controls Washington, the paying and buying of Politicians.  Surely there are those more responsible for this crisis than others, and they should be held accountable..

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