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The Beautiful Letdown

If hurting me was truly one of the hardest things she ever had to do in her life, surely she wouldn’t be with someone else so quickly. There would be no possible way her heart could be in that place. It must not have been hard at all. I wish I had been worth an in-person breakup, and a time of healing, but I wasn’t. Yet she doesn’t ask, she demands that I believe her.

I want to. But I don’t.

Cargo City

For merestlessness is an understatement.  I have an insistent craving for something and somewhere new, a desire to ‘go’ unlike ever before, adventure just nipping at my heels. As a college graduate, this is the longest stretch of time since high school that I have been ‘home’ and it has been increasingly frustrating.  Although I have lived and worked mostly at the shore and now spend half of my week at home and the other working with Atlantic City Weekly, I just feel like it’s time for something totally new again.  Like I have said before, there are adventurers and there and lifers, and I could never be a lifer.  It’s so important to surround yourself with others who are purpose driven, it’s the foundation.  A lot of people don’t believe you can do work you love because they’re constantly around people who hate their jobs and don’t know what excites them.  The people you surround yourself with have everything to do with your success and your belief of what’s possible.  Continue reading “Cargo City” »

the monster

I kind of remember the night before, but it’s hard to say.

That morning came like a tidal wave, sweeping away everything we once knew and thought as safe.

I remember being glued to the television for hours, watching everything on repeat, listening to my mother crying in the other room and holding a newspaper, her eyes red and tired.

We saved all of the newspapers.

From then on The Monster had entered our lives: my life.

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