Second grade had been a rough year for me, but third was when I first started to see my (obvious) struggle with math. Not only did it take me forever to grasp simple multiplication, I was completely uninterested in the subject altogether. My third grade teacher Mrs. Larson had sympathy for me because I don’t think she was too fond of math either. She was well traveled and preferred geography, history, writing and social studies. (The loves of my life).

Mrs. Larson brought out the best in me when it came to my deep fascination with the world. For hours I studied maps and knew all of my countries, continents, capitals, oceans and seas. In this realm, I surpassed everyone in the class and had my teacher to thank for building up my interest and feeding my hunger to know more about the planet.

At one point we were each assigned a country to do a project on. I ended up with the West African country of Ghana.

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