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I really must stop

building things up in my mind.
After many years, one is stumbled upon
worth putting it all out there for
a breath of genuine fresh air
in a world cloaked with ash.
Heart muscles tense,
an anxious stirring,
a nervous thrill of an idea.
Stomach churning with anticipation of
the most virtuous and noble thoughts
play themselves out in my
mind so focused, so settled in
to this adorable vision.
Finally, a sigh of
relief where a glimmer of hope
beacons on my life’s dim horizon,
and then,
Swept away.
No more.

(only an idea)

i had a dream last night we

finally met.
And I couldn’t take my eyes off you.
You were brunette this time,
and I stood over you, watching you sleep,
catching every subtle movement,
every breath,
I wanted to hold onto, so tightly
as if somehow so fragile it could slip away.
I paced the room, watching you sleep,
glancing at you, then turning away smiling,
treasuring this moment,
that we were finally together.

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cracked filters

I just can’t keep up with this life. The whole thing moves way too fast for me, and now everything comes apart at the damn seams. I once had a routine to living, until I quickly realized the ridiculousness of routine which soon led me to realize the absurdity of inconsistency. There is so much to do and hardly any time at all. A giant Big Ben weighs down upon me, each step I take, the louder the ticking. I shutter and try to escape but it’s impossible. There’s no evading its all encompassing pressure. Everything is a race, a race to death, and must be completed in the allotted “time.” So where is the freedom we speak of then? The answer: an incremental process.

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