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glimpses and revelations

Has life ever been eerily prophetic and seemingly carefully orchestrated to you?  Have you ever been able to look back and see, like a puzzle, how certain things that happened led to something in the future, as if it were all meant to be?  Isn’t it fascinating that even bad things can work together for good and that what you cannot see now you might be able to see crystal clear in the future and then gasp in awe?

Thinking back to the end of my freshmen year of college, I remember wanting so badly to transfer out of the school I had chosen.  I hated the location of Kentucky and kept thinking about where I would rather be.  My heart was set on Washington DC.  I sent a transfer application to GWU and hoped for the best.  Though, it was as if all of a sudden, one day I just knew that I couldn’t leave Asbury, that I was meant to stay.  It was almost unexplained, but I just knew in my heart that to leave would be to take my life into my own hands instead of letting God guide.  However, Washington wasn’t off the table.  No, I absolutely knew that somehow, someway I would end up there, the only thing that was missing was the when and how. Continue reading “glimpses and revelations” »

about ‘Infinity’

Unlike most of my stories, Infinity is more of an experiment.  Usually when I write a story I like to construct it, plot it out, have a basic frame and plan out not all but some of my major twists.  It’s like creating a piece of art, you mull over it until it’s perfect, sometimes reshaping over and over again.  I have outline after outline, character list after character list, scene after scene, situations and people so developed that when I go to writing, it all comes together.  This is just my way of doing things and some writers wouldn’t agree.  However, with this series (which as indicated by its title has no projected end) I will just write on a whim and see where the story itself takes me.  Don’t expect every post to be magnificent and planned out because it won’t.  But the story will be thrilling, at times short and others long.  The characters are based off real people, and some of the news events are real as well.  Once Infinity gets going it might be hard to keep up with if you hadn’t read them from the beginning so I encourage anyone interested to do so.  The “chapters” or posts will be simply numbered.  Eventually I will post an update with a current cast of characters and what has happened so new readers can catch up on the series. What inspired Infinity other than the idea of a weekly experimental fiction thrill?  Spending five months living and working in a professional news environment in Washington DC opened the door for inspiration.  The vigilante hacker group Anonymous which became the story I got myself caught up in chasing while I was there also played a key role.  And Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series starting with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo thrilled me in a Joel Rosenberg-ish way to bring some of my own ideas to life.  I hope readers look forward to the weekly posts as much as I’ll look forward to writing them.