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when yellow leaves or none or few do hang

Is this what it all comes down to?

I should have thought more about this day while I still had some time.

It was inevitably going to come, why hadn’t I thought or prepared for it at all?

Shouldn’t we all prepare for it?

It’s the rain that scared me and brought to mind the wretched memories of my petrified past.

Reminiscences no human being should ever have to live with resonated inside my young, exposed and tormented psyche.

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breaking the silence

Approaching you can be very difficult sometimes. I run and hide and cover my face with crimson hands, shameful because I know how undeserving I am and how much I fall short. Yet you inspire me with a gentle whisper in a silent drive, on a radio station I never listen to. Even though I resist constantly in this ongoing battle, split down the middle knowing which way leads to life but still cheating myself, putting my hope in things and especially people… that won’t fill me, let me down, break my heart, will pass away, and most of all, are completely unreliable.

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