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to my noble pursuit

Sometimes you have to be apart from the people you love, but that doesn’t make you love them any less. Sometimes you love them more, much more than you could have ever known and wouldn’t have known otherwise…

If tonight could have been shared with you, a rose would be the last thing I’d give you; instead I would have adorned you with a white carnation because it represents pure love, fascination and distinction.  It wouldn’t be clipped but in a pot filled with dirt, because although the top is extravagant, stunning, even alluring, the flower has deep roots that stretch far under the surface and support the structure, holding it up and together, making it what it is.  The roots feed the flower making it stay beautiful and they’re exactly what’s needed, every one of them a sacrificial pillar of unconditional unity, where qualities balance each other out.  The roots are the humble commitment, the integrity, admiration, patience, keeping no records of wrongs. For us, I want there to always be newness, freshness and strangeness, a delightful pursuit even after matrimony. For us, there will always be that element of pursuing, even when we’re extremely old and still have each other, best of friends.  Let’s never be fully assured in our love, but have a healthy fear of loss so we will always, constantly be treasuring each other, never taking for granted what we’ll be so blessed to have.  Our noble pursuit will always be there, now, after we meet, well into our marriage, even after our deaths.  Continue reading “to my noble pursuit” »

breaking the silence

Approaching you can be very difficult sometimes. I run and hide and cover my face with crimson hands, shameful because I know how undeserving I am and how much I fall short. Yet you inspire me with a gentle whisper in a silent drive, on a radio station I never listen to. Even though I resist constantly in this ongoing battle, split down the middle knowing which way leads to life but still cheating myself, putting my hope in things and especially people… that won’t fill me, let me down, break my heart, will pass away, and most of all, are completely unreliable.

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