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I wouldn’t read this if I were you..

With sleep slowly diminishing from my life, it’s no wonder I can barely think straight anymore. Grasping the porcelain sink with clammy, quivering hands, I grappled for my contact lens case, slippery with saline. The ghastly image in the mirror was almost unrecognizable as me. My face a pale yellowish complexion, hazy bloodshot slits for eyes and a drooping lip. The Thorazine tablets the doctor prescribed to me were wearing off and I was starting to feel the effects of a nervous twitch. I’ve stopped taking them now though; I have to get to the bottom of this. Continue reading “I wouldn’t read this if I were you..” »


A porcelain face, eyes blazing with energy

She kneads the claw marks on her back

(she’s gracefully irresistible)

Her mind is a labyrinth of mystery,

When she looks in the mirror she does not see herself.

Her blonde hair shuffles in a crystalline breeze

She has lived with this long enough

Every night it’s been the same

The clamor more horrendous, the murmurs louder

Whispers whisking across her face as she tries to sleep

The angel girl is an aura of perfection

“She’s mad at me,” she repeats

“Because I won’t do what she says.”

The creaking doesn’t startle her, nor does the chilling presence

The one that sits at the end of her bed.