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    breaking the silence

    Approaching you can be very difficult sometimes. I run and hide and cover my face with crimson hands, shameful because I know how undeserving I am and how much I fall short. Yet you inspire me with a gentle whisper in a silent drive, on a radio station I never listen to. Even though I resist constantly in this ongoing battle, split down the middle knowing which way leads to life but still cheating myself, putting my hope in things and especially people… that won’t fill me, let me down, break my heart, will pass away, and most of all, are completely unreliable.

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    two worlds

    “I saw all those people at the bus stop in London, waiting to go to work. I rather take my chance in Africa again than have to go to work every day by bus.” – Dr. Nicholas Garrigan, The Last King of Scotland by Giles Foden. ‘T.I.A.’ was the first phrase I learned as I exited Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya. “This is Africa.” It was used to describe the chaotic, unorganized circumstances of the African continent and soon became the continuous excuse when things were not going according to plan. As I stepped out into the balmy night air and watched the perilous, anarchic traffic of the…

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    Live free

    by Sally Wilson    I was sitting on the concrete, my feet dangling into the ceder chips below when I realized I’d had my head buried in my sidekick for the last 10 minutes, glancing up to say a few encouraging words to the kids here and there and make sure they weren’t jumping off anything high enough to snap femurs. Then Emily ran past me, the sun shining on her as she chased a leaf; jumping like a frog trying to grasp it each time And this realization hit me. She would never be exactly as old ever again, as she is today.