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The American Tragedy


Let not arrogance blind us into becoming judgmental, narrow-minded and intolerant of people who think differently than us. There are plenty of good-intentioned, good-hearted supporters and enemies of the president. I hope we can all recognize that and stop the carnage toward each other that’s spewed all over social media. The first step in a positive and progressive direction is acknowledging that, and not belittling, dismissing or demeaning others who have different opinions and reasons for their support or opposition of the administration. When will we learn that they key is discussion? Continue reading “The American Tragedy” »

The Growth Year

“Being afraid to love and being paralyzed at the keyboard both involve a fear of being known, a fear of making mistakes, a fear of being found lacking” – Don Miller

It’s at the moment when you’re most vulnerable that all your doubts come crashing in around you. The paralyzing fear exhibited by that pesky voice inside your head criticizes your every move, whispering questions and making brazen statements like… Continue reading “The Growth Year” »


“Do you want to write again?” he asked, shifting in a creaking seat, tapping a pen against the desk.

“Yes. But I’m finding it hard,” I replied. “I no longer write the way I used to. My heart was different then.”

“So what’s changed about your writing?”

For awhile I stared blankly, thinking about the hundreds of physical pages I had written on almost every day for the past several years. Journal upon journal of scrawled rambling depth, emotion, fear,  joy, and sadness; sentences riddled with epiphany and revelation while my blog collected dust at a dormant domain on the web. Continue reading “Signs” »