The Great Experiment by the Sea

Imagine a city, its ocean front location unrivaled, its history rich and its potential unmatched. Now imagine this city with a completely clean slate – its luxurious buildings still standing but vacant, its housing affordable and its closed storefronts eager to open.

Would you want to be a part of this old but new city? Would you want to bring all of your fresh creativity, ideas and businesses and be pioneers in re-creating this majestic city; claiming it as your own?

Well, that chance exists because sandwiched in-between the congested action of America’s northeast is a glimmering city on the New Jersey coast completely open for the taking. Continue reading “The Great Experiment by the Sea” »

Midnight in the Garden (State)

The whole night and into the weekend became one long instance where there was no place else I’d rather be in all of time and space. I can still hear her sultry voice through my car speakers as I cruised north on the Garden State Parkway on a chilly February evening. A bleak overcast and a quiet apathetic peace settled over my heart and New Jersey.

Only a few short weeks had passed since I returned from a wild, adventurous escapade in the brutal heat of West Africa. As is true with all of my travels, especially international, a tired, stagnant depression of sorts clouded my vision and numbed my soul upon coming home.  I was back in Western Civilization, where I knew I was supposed to be for now, but I ached over Africa; the adventure, the thrill, the perpetual state of excitement and learning and discovery and seeing life through the eyes of a childlike awe that required very little materialism in exchange for abundant spiritual riches. Continue reading “Midnight in the Garden (State)” »

Msg Unsent

We met on Tinder and I cherished every moment spent with her. I wasn’t expecting to meet someone I’d end up wanting to be with, since I hadn’t officially dated anyone in seven years. After many heartaches and let downs I’d become guarded and sensitive, very selective about the people I’d want to pursue any kind of relationship with. For a long time, I avoided feelings and didn’t search out anyone, until I met her.

I enjoyed her pace, our pace, and all the things we did together. I loved that we loved so many of the same things and I especially appreciated our differences. She caught me off guard when I first met her but knew after that evening I needed to spend the next couple of days re-arranging my mind so there would be room for her to stay. (Okay, we might have watched The Great Gatsby that first night too, in case you didn’t get the above reference).

I excitedly anticipated seeing her and became more intrigued each time we went out. I started to love so many minute and subtle things about her that talking to anyone else or keeping in touch with the handful of girls who had become interested in me prior seemed meaningless. I made it known I was indeed seeing someone I hoped to date. The words were starling even to me. Continue reading “Msg Unsent” »