After a summer of sitting dormant, collecting dust and low web traffic numbers, I’m reviving my blog! Yes, it’s been far too long and my busyness can no longer be an excuse for not updating. The last few months have been extraordinarily crazy, from two cross country road-trips, an unforgettable adventure in Africa, the tragic loss of a once dear friend and the emotional turmoil that has accompanied it, to surviving a tornado in Nebraska, taking the best shower I ever took at Heathrow airport in London after a nine hour flight, moving into a beach front apartment in New Jersey with some best friends, and of course, launching the media empire I told all of you that I would launch, Infinity News Network – which came to life on May 1 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas.

As you might have guessed, Infinity is the main reason my blog has not been updated. Maintaining, updating and writing for the site in the midst of working my other jobs has at times been very stressful and overwhelming, but nothing short of completely and utterly worth it. In just a matter of weeks after its initial launch, the empire has grown to an overwhelming audience, so much so that we needed to switch servers. Our articles have been picked up by various sites and blogs throughout the Internet, garnered attention from international figures such as Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, and has been instrumental in changing a law in Philadelphia that banned feeding the homeless. We were first with the coverage of the imprisoned Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot, finding the story and following the beat long before the mainstream media.

Of course, standing up for truth and justice has its consequences. Just a month after the website (empire) launched, pro-Putin hackers inside the Russian  Federation attempted to breach Infinity leading to a shut down and a revamp of security.

Nevertheless, the #INN revolution is spreading, and a consistently loyal fan base has emerged. As our empire secures advertisers and continues its quest to bring the public news that actually matters, we couldn’t be happier and more excited about what has happened and what’s to come. I have to say that my team is one of the best, by far. Infinity is made up of like-minded writers from all over America, with new connections being established in places like Egypt, Kenya and the U.K. When we chat and Skype and message each other, it’s as if we ourselves are characters in Aaron Sorkin’s HBO hit series, The Newsroom, a show in which all of us happen to watch together as well. Me, of course, being Will McAvoy 😉

Soon, some of Infinity’s management and editorial staff (including myself) will be relocating to Washington DC, the city we feel will be best for #INN’s future and a place where every day, drama and history are made. As always, we plan on seeking the stories that matter, not the news you want to know but the news you need to know. This is why we are an alternative and independent media outlet; one that believes in Internet freedom, open transparency, and leaders and media being held accountable.

Infinity is in its baby stages, and so much has happened so quickly.

Aside from that, this blog is back and I will try my very best to keep it updated as often as possible. Out of nowhere I became incredibly encouraged and inspired, I have so many ideas and topics to bring up on this site from a personal perspective. For me, #INN is my outlet to share important news, whether that’s writing for it or sharing vital stories. For this, I will dive way more into my personal thoughts and opinions, and not just on news but life, literature, people and love/relationships and a lot of other stuff. I have so so much to talk about… from the wild adventure that was Africa and all that it taught me, to my revelations about friendships, people, and humanity at its worst and at its best.

And finally, FINALLY will I get back to fiction writing, bringing about some awesome new short stories that have been bouncing around in my brain for way too long and of course, continuing the Infinity fiction series, which of course, is what inspired the idea for the reality.

So, here it is, making its first debut in over two months. The silence has been broken and the almighty blog lives!

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