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who’s really in control?

Doesn’t it seem that before the debates even started we knew Romney was going to be the GOP candidate for President?  There were ups and downs, the rise and fall of other candidates like Rick Perry and Herman Cain but it seemed like it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened.  Is this really what we think it is or are we being molded to think a certain way?  Are we really the ones deciding or has this been decided for us?  Dare I say the media chose Mitt Romney to win the GOP Presidential nominee so he could lose against Obama?

From the very start the media was obsessed with Romney.  They were soft on him too, which is odd, since, being an extremely wealthy businessman you would figure there would be so much dirt to flesh out or ways in which to paint him in a negative and unattractive light.  Instead, Romney was savored until the end because the media decided he would be the best candidate to run against Obama.  Why?  Because this ensures the ultimate drama and a bloody campaign for the White House.  The actual threats to Obama were taken down rather systematically… Perry, Cain, and finally Santorum.  Ron Paul still hangs in there with zero campaign debt, drawing immense crowds but no media attention.  And why’s that?  Well, Paul isn’t exactly on a side.  At heart, is he really Republican or Democrat?  It seems that he’s beyond the idea of “teams” which seems to be precisely one of the main reasons the media has ditched him.  Also, there doesn’t seem to be enough dirt to dig up on him either.  Here’s a guy who draws a crowd of 10,000 at UCLA and gets no media attention yet when Romney farts, everyone knows about it.

Although I don’t always agree with him, I like to read Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish blog.  It was interesting to see him endorse Ron Paul, for a lot of the reasons I stated before.  But the media wanted the ultimate showdown, the one guy who, in an age of Occupy Wall Street, would really be the best to go up against Obama and lose – Mitt Romney.

Speaking of endorsements:  (just for the record, theJKinz already endorsed Stephen Colbert for President a few months back, it was posted on the Facebook ‘like’ page for this website)

Watching this thing play out as a journalist makes me feel like I’ve watched a very successful set-up.  I know for sure this isn’t the first time it’s happened, it’s probably occurred countless times all around us in a wide array of issues, but this one just seemed so apparent.

To define journalism would certainly be to limit it.  Someone can be partisan, an opinion journalist like myself and still believe that one has a high obligation to be fair to those with whom they disagree.  That whole, “I don’t agree with you but I’ll defend to the death your right to believe it” kind of thing.  But in this new day and age, the media is struggling to think for us like they used to, which is why (as technology and transparency increase) there’s such a growing distrust with the press.  We have the Internet to thank, connecting us to all of our various sources.  The American mainstream is now fighting against a new generation that rather use the web than watch cable TV and wants to hear from Al Jazeera, RT and the UK Guardian for outside perspectives.

It seems that a new hybrid of advertising, entertainment, e-commerce and propaganda is subsuming journalism and getting it lost inside the larger world of communications.  Though, agenda driven news is becoming easier and easier to call out and the age of “control” is being slowly taken by… us.  So, if the media really is the influence and essentially is the one ‘in control’ then it’s time that we, the citizen journalists, take hold of some of that control for ourselves and push for truth and transparency as well as a voice of reason amid the age old Blue and Red wars.   With an earnest aim to give the news impartially , without fear or favor, regardless of party, sect or interests involved, I bring to you not only the revolution but news that’s driving the global conversation:  Infinity News Network.





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