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Has life ever been eerily prophetic and seemingly carefully orchestrated to you?  Have you ever been able to look back and see, like a puzzle, how certain things that happened led to something in the future, as if it were all meant to be?  Isn’t it fascinating that even bad things can work together for good and that what you cannot see now you might be able to see crystal clear in the future and then gasp in awe?

Thinking back to the end of my freshmen year of college, I remember wanting so badly to transfer out of the school I had chosen.  I hated the location of Kentucky and kept thinking about where I would rather be.  My heart was set on Washington DC.  I sent a transfer application to GWU and hoped for the best.  Though, it was as if all of a sudden, one day I just knew that I couldn’t leave Asbury, that I was meant to stay.  It was almost unexplained, but I just knew in my heart that to leave would be to take my life into my own hands instead of letting God guide.  However, Washington wasn’t off the table.  No, I absolutely knew that somehow, someway I would end up there, the only thing that was missing was the when and how.

As I continued college at Asbury in middle of nowhere Kentucky, I became much closer with my friend Mark who I had met on my second day at the campus.  Soon, we became best friends.  I was honored to be the best man in his wedding and I have never met someone I so closely identified with both creatively and humorously.  Kentucky grew on me, as did Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio… I met many other best friends that would end up being life-long; their character – consistent, hilarious and innovative, exactly the kind of people I needed to surround myself with.  I truly believe that the people you have around you have everything to do with your success and your belief of what’s possible.  You will either rise up or sink down depending on who’s next to you and I see this ever so clearly in my home city of Philly.  Having a purpose driven support crew that dreams just as big if not bigger than yourself, shares ideas and conditions the belief that doing what you love is the norm, is essential!  This is what fuels passion and makes the unthinkable not only possible, but normal.  College surrounded me with a core group of inspiring, motivating and hilarious genuine forever friends and together we lived an unbelievably epic college experience.. from the coasts of Spain and rivers of Paris and London to the mountains of Gatlinburg and birthdays in Nashville, abandoned insane asylums in West Virginia and the countless crazy things we did and places we went.  Though it was still somehow, someway revealed to me that Washington was in my future…

And then, when the timing was just right, it happened.  I spent my last semester in DC, plunging into the world of journalism and learning more than I ever had in my major.  DC was the kick-start of my career, the thrilling non-stop adventuresome excitement and action I had always craved.  There, I met a network of people, rubbed shoulders with high profiles and met some of my best friends in the media world, vital connections for the empire that was to come…

After graduation I struggled to find my place and kept thinking about how much I really wished my fiction writing could come to life.  I would pray that somehow it would and to me, the logical answer to that meant of course, graduate school for screenwriting.  I had started a fictional series on my blog about a group of journalists that created their own news site and found themselves wrapped up in a massive groundbreaking story.  It was Stieg Larsson‘s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and Joel Rosenberg’s “Last Jihad” series that inspired me to write the short, fun episodes that I merely created for pleasure.  Unlike my other works of fiction, this ‘series’ didn’t have an end-point in mind and I didn’t spend much time at all creating an outline for its direction.  I had fun writing it, basing all of my characters off of real friends and wondering if anyone else was actually reading it.. I began applying for grad schools in L.A. because I had recently visited the city and was incredibly inspired by it.  It was in Nate ‘n Al’s diner where I had an epic vision and a glimpse…. I listened as a group of producers sat adjacent to my both, discussing their latest movie that was set to come out and how happy they were about it, how well written it was and the symbolism behind it.  I kind of just whimpered because I knew that could be me and I felt like walking up to them, dropping my business card and saying something like, “You don’t know me but I have stories that could be game changers.”  Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t just do it, but then again, now, looking back, it makes sense..

You see, I wanted my fiction to come to life… and then it just clicked.  As I was sitting behind my computer writing the Infinity series, I just thought.. wait, why can’t this fiction come to life?  Why can’t I start my own news website called ‘Infinity‘ and have it become a presence in the journalism world?  But what would make Infinity stand out?  What would make it different than all the others?  Within seconds it came to me… what’s driving the global conversation of course:  Technology, Transparency and Uprisings.  It was the three things shaping this new era, the three things I wrote about and followed the most.  Egypt’s recent revolution seemed to embody it… the vigilantie hackers I wrote about while I was in DC were at the forefront of it.. and I just knew that this..was.. it.  

Immediately Mark and I got to work.  He possessed all of the necessary computer skills and I had learned exactly what was needed from my time in DC.  At hardly any cost to us, we began creating Infinity, following in the steps of The Huffington Post and The Daily Caller, only honing in on a niche yet broad seemingly ‘infinite’ realm.   Before we knew it, Infinity was no longer just a fiction series on this blog, it was a reality.  We were tired of working mediocre jobs that were only ‘somewhat’ in our field of interest.  We were tired of never getting emails back regarding our resumes and applications.  We were wondering what the purpose of Linkedin was and the immense amount of networking we had done since it hardly yielded much and hardly anyone got back to us.  It was then as we began working on this, accomplishing in a matter of days what takes some companies months, even years to do, that we realized that we were simply way too creative to just join some company.  We needed our own project… and then:  Infinity was born.

With only days remaining until the site’s “official” launch, we’re rallying our network, building our base, and creating an Empire.  I’m starting to feel much like I felt at that diner in Beverly Hills and at the end of my freshmen year of college.  It was then that I caught a glimpse of a future revelation, I just didn’t know when or how.  Now, I have also caught another glimpse of another future season, and I feel like Infinity is the gateway to all of it..

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