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Infinity 4.

Infinity News Network was the center of all attention, receiving the most web traffic in months, the top story of every cable news network and the headline for Drudge Report….. all for a day.  Very quickly both the public and the media grew disinterested in the shocking story of the Norwegian government’s involvement in the staged brutal massacre of young people from an opposing political party.  America had its own problems as the government continued to overstep its reach and the capitalistic system continued to fail.  The stock market took another major dip, the largest in a few months… the President’s approval ratings were at an all time low of 32% and the front running GOP candidate was being accused of sexual misconduct from a woman who was being represented by Gloria Allred.  Occupy protesters had surrounded Wall Street and cut off all shipping into and out of the ports of  Oakland, Seattle and Boston.  The country was in chaos, and Europe was barely keeping its head above water.  The riots in Greece had intensified as Athens essentially burned to the ground and the Italian government came close to collapse as Prime Minister Berlusconi fought for his job.  The Euro crisis had worsened and thousands of protesters seized St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.  Iran successfully produced a nuclear bomb and had already threatened Israel with it (Infinity was first to break the story).  Overall, the world was in utter turmoil, and although the team was sitting on an unbelievable story it seemed to be overshadowed by the present circumstances…

Ainsley, Marvin and Jack sat together at Georgetown’s Cafe Milano for a late dinner.  Jack had to catch a flight back to Los Angeles the next morning and Marvin was headed to Kentucky for the weekend to visit his wife’s family.  The team decided it was best to release their treasure trove of information in small bouts while they sorted out where to go next with the story.  Clearly it was a large investigative mission and Gardenslayer had trusted them with information, mysteriously leaving a trail for them to follow… As the world faced The Great Disruption a giant shift was about to take place and little did they know that their story would play a pivotal role…

“I recieved a large package, unmarked, sent to my office.  It had three Guy Fawkes masks… and I’m certain it wasn’t from the Occupiers,” said Ainsley.  Marvin, who was totally consumed by the manner in which his food was arranged on his plate, cracked a snarky grin and licked his lips.  “Anonymous,” he said, clanking a fork and stabbing his steak.

“Speaking of large packages,” said Jack, “isn’t that Anthony Weiner two tables over?”  Ainsley swiftly turned and clenched the back of her chair.

“Why yes.. yes it is.”


Atlantic City

The freshest oxygen known to man pumped through the glittery casino floor of the bustling Trump Plaza Hotel.  There were three major concerts in the city, a boxing match and a transsexual beauty pageant all on the same night.  The circus had come to town, not that the circus didn’t live in town, but for Jordan Whirl, or Reuben as his friends called him, it was too much commotion for his liking.  It meant he had to work overtime and couldn’t escape to the Irish Pub with his buds and hit on the short blonde waitress.  Reuben was a short stocky Irishmen with a beat red face, bald head and a tattoo across his chest that said: Only God can judge me.  He had just lost another $150 to a poker game and was getting frustrated.  Dodging his way through throngs of people, he escaped to the boardwalk for an ocean breeze and a Cuban cigar.  The salt air swooned around his face as the ocean rolled and crashed onto the sand.  Taking a handkerchief from his suit pocket, he wiped his sweaty forehead and belched an invisible cloud of garlic.  Kingpin drug cartel, political adviser, right wing extremist and a genuine friend, Reuben was a modern day “Nucky Johnson.”  His broken cell phone with a massively cracked screen buzzed in his coat pocket.

“Jack Kelly,” he yelled, toting his cigar, “rumor has it you were on this side of the country and didn’t hit me up!”

“It was a short visit, I’m actually on the tarmac now at BWI getting ready to fly back to LA.  I’ll be back pretty soon though as soon as I straighten a few things out.”

“So what’d I miss?”

“Well, that’s the thing… I need your services…”

Reuben cackled and coughed, “Oh yeah?  I’m a Goddamn drug dealer, these are my peak hours!”

Jack clicked the light above his seat and turned the volume down on his phone.

“I need you to track something… something that’s not digital, if you catch my drift.”

“I’m way ahead of you,” said Reuben, “Call me when you’re in Cali.”

Back at Fort Meade, Maryland, Tarrence Yellets sat across from the would be convicted cyber criminal Simon Young from Boise, Idaho.  So far, the media had been left in the dark about the boy being taken into custody.  The story hadn’t surfaced anywhere.  Simon Young had been sought after for years as one of the most skilled computer hackers in the world.  His range of breach reached from major corporations such as Bank of America to the European Union, U.N., Bilderberg meetings, the White House and even the Pentagon…  He would be interrogated, imprisoned and then initiated.  All charges would be dropped and his record wiped clean.  Soon, he would join the FBI, his mission:  Anonymous.

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