Infinity Series

Infinity 2.

Ainsley was troubled by a mysterious unmarked package that had been mailed to her office.  With great caution she slowly opened the box which revealed nothing but three Guy Fawkes masks…

Marvin Walters couldn’t believe his eyes.  As a “former” computer hacker, he was amazed at the extent in which Gardenslayer had gone to keep his files secret and untraceable.  He began sorting through the cables with Ainsley.  So far only the two of them and Jack Kelly knew about the information their former source had sent.  It made sense that there were three masks, ‘anonymously’ sent by more than likely someone within Anonymous.  Marvin was Infinity’s chief of technology, having built and managed the entire website it was clear that without Marvin, there would be no Infinity News Network.  He was the centerpiece, the social media marketing guru, and the glue that held the entire project together.  Marvin began typing furiously and opening up at least twenty new tabs.  To anyone who didn’t know him and saw him in action they would think he was on speed. The man hardly ever slept, constantly building and formatting and designing and finally on his off time, cooking.  Walters was the Mike Allen of the digital world and Infinity was proud to have him.

“Did our story come out about the arrest?” he asked.

“Yes, it went live just a minute ago, we’re already on Drudge..” Ainsley replied.

“What time does Jack get in?  I promised him a dinner party when he got back to Washington.”

Ainsley rolled her eyes and slumped in her chair with a stressful whine.

“.. of course.  Jack should be landing in a few hours.  He took a red eye.. I’ll have to pick him up at Dulles.”

“Brevik wasn’t at all who we thought he was.  Not even close,” said Marvin, typing away, backing up files, moving like a machine, “And he surely wasn’t acting alone.  According to all of this, he seems to have had quite a lot of help from some people in high places.”

“It seemed odd originally.  I mean, the killing of 76 children at a summer camp on an island in Norway over a 90 minute time period with no police response?  And all of these kids happen to be the children of legislators from one opposing political party..  We should have put the pieces of this together to begin with, asked tougher questions.. dug just a little deeper.”

“It took the Norwegian SWAT team about 3 hours to actually get control of the situation.. just look at these cables Ainsley!”

“And we all know Norway has a long running problem with ‘domestic terrorism,” she said sarcastically.

“So much doesn’t add up..”

“And now what does he get, 20 years in prison and the first few months complete solitary?  Ha, sounds pretty good to me.”

Marvin yawned, sat up and scratched his head, “Well it seems like Gardenslayer was onto this before it even happened..”

“The media has Brevik out to be this completely random ‘right wing’ terrorist.  Some news agencies are even calling him a Christian.”


“..certainly,” she sighed.

“There is no ‘random acts of violence.’  But hey, you’re going to have to verify some of this.. I mean, I know our source has never given us false information, but this is some heavy stuff.  Be careful Ainsley…”

“We’ll do what we have to do,” she said sternly, sitting up and tossing her empty Starbucks into the trash.  Marvin came to a sudden stop in his typing, checked the time and lunged towards the kitchen.



Stockholm, Sweden


“The original copy of the manifesto was stolen.  Hacked.  I have a feeling the truth is going to show up in some news agency or WikiLeaks.  The last thing we need is someone finding out that Brevik didn’t write that damn thing..”  Two men stood together in an apartment looking out over the city.  The discussion had intensified and a streak of panic evaded them.

“Scotland Yard has the hacker.  We just have to make sure we have the right people in place.  We cannot lose control of the situa—”

Before he could finish his sentence a bullet struck his forehead and exited out the back blowing a chunk of skull and brain into a bloody pool on the carpet.  The body dropped to its knees and thumped over, lifeless.  The other man screeched, searching frantically for where the bullet had been fired.  The gun had a silencer and the sniper must have been inside the apartment.  It was only a matter of seconds before the second man had been shot in the same way as the first.

20 minutes later police entered the apartment and removed all trace of the incident.


Alexandria, Virginia 


Jack Kelly, Ainsley Wilson and Marvin Walters gathered together in Marvin’s second floor apartment the ‘Sky Loft.’  His wife Reggie was spending the weekend with her father camping and hunting in the mountains.  She was the complete opposite of Marvin, yet the two of them were beyond perfect for each other and often made other couples extremely jealous.  Marvin made pomegranate tea and placed a berry pie in the oven.

“I only got bits and pieces of this story, I’ve been so busy with the screenplay and casting for the first movie I haven’t been able to keep up with the news like I used to,” said Jack.

“Well I’ll leave it to Marvin to fill you in,” said Ainsley, “but to make a long story short for now, Gardenslayer hacked some emails and stole some documents including the original ‘manifesto’ of extremely detailed beliefs that Brevik posted online.  Thing is, there’s no way this thing was written by him, at least we can tell from the original copy it was constructed by some very high profile and well educated people with a specific agenda.”

“Brevik wasn’t the only murderer on the island.  According to our source there were at least five,” said Marvin.

Jack was amazed.  “So is Brevik a puppet?”

The three friends were quiet, unsure of what to say and sitting on-top of a story that was about to send them on a wild and dangerous journey.

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