Cargo City

For merestlessness is an understatement.  I have an insistent craving for something and somewhere new, a desire to ‘go’ unlike ever before, adventure just nipping at my heels. As a college graduate, this is the longest stretch of time since high school that I have been ‘home’ and it has been increasingly frustrating.  Although I have lived and worked mostly at the shore and now spend half of my week at home and the other working with Atlantic City Weekly, I just feel like it’s time for something totally new again.  Like I have said before, there are adventurers and there and lifers, and I could never be a lifer.  It’s so important to surround yourself with others who are purpose driven, it’s the foundation.  A lot of people don’t believe you can do work you love because they’re constantly around people who hate their jobs and don’t know what excites them.  The people you surround yourself with have everything to do with your success and your belief of what’s possible.  Continue reading “Cargo City” »

Infinity 3.

He spent 23 hours a day alone in a 6 foot by 12 foot cell.  He was given one hour’s exercise, in which he walked figures of eight in an empty room.  He wasn’t allowed to sleep after being wakened at 5 am.  If he tried to, he would be immediately made to stand up by the guards who were not allowed to converse with him.  Every five minutes the guards checked on him asking if he was okay in which he was required to respond in some affirmative manner.  During the evening, if the guards couldn’t see him clearly because of a blanket over his head or from being curled up against the wall, they’d awaken him in order to ensure he was okay.  Each of his meals were eaten in his cell and he didn’t have sheets or a pillow or personal items of any kind.  Anonymous caught wind of this and created a #FreeTopiary campaign  that stood against the harsh conditions and torture Gardenslayer was forced to face.  The reason for his apparent torture was to break him and have him implicate other ‘Anons’ as well as give up some of his own sources and information.  As far as he knew, there was no way Scotland Yard could have known about the delicate vital information he had purposefully sent to the editors of Infinity News Network… Continue reading “Infinity 3.” »

a Shattered Confidence

is what my generation faces in the wake of America’s present circumstances.  It’s ‘we’ the ‘young’ people of my generation who have to deal with and pick up the pieces of an extremely irresponsible former one.   What is so sad is that my generation (including myself) have completely lost confidence in their country.  It’s as if by Fall 2008 we started to see the plummet of the modern day Roman Empire and we fear it’s so far gone it just looks like a giant unfathomable mess that cannot be salvaged.  We all knew it was heading in this direction, slowly but surely, yet apathy and greed conquered.  America fell behind in the very world it invented. Continue reading “a Shattered Confidence” »