this is the sound of not settling

Someday, I hope to marry a girl who loves me enough to take big risks – who believes in me and is willing to ride the roller coaster of life together. I just know I’ll be a better man for it.

Delight yourself in God and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Can any other desire outmatch her?


There’s too much to give for all of it to be stored up for nothing.

But indeed it makes sense for it to be stored, stashed away for the girl who is to be my One. The one who will still go to concerts with me when we’re old and the crowd is young, the dreamer who will embark with me to the far ends of the earth, travel incredibly long distances to see each other even if it’s for an incredibly short amount of time, will laugh constantly at everything becauselife is freaking hilarious.

The best friend I’ve been waiting for to share life and God with
Our quirkiness will stand out; our love will be nothing but authentic and genuine.

Together, we’ll form a sight to behold

She will be my beautiful rescue.

And I will be hers.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that being nice and genuinely caring about someone isn’t appealing. Don’t hear me wrong, I’m sure that’s not true for all, but in all honesty girls are just as shallow as guys if not more so. Girls swear there are no good guys out there, and yet I can’t imagine how many they pass by throughout their lives in pursuit of the guys who crush them.

“Girls are afraid of being hurt by the good guys who would never hurt them, but perfectly willing to be hurt by the assholes who use them and hurt them every time” – Jason Worrell.

“You’re just too good of a friend.”

“You’re too much of a nice guy.”

The problem is I see the treasure in everyone.

What it comes down to is… I haven’t met someone willing to settle. There’s just too many good looking guys out there, too many opportunities that can’t be passed up. Too many jerk guys to date and then break up with and talk about how horrible they are. Too much fun to be had…

So here it goes, I’m not going to settle either.

What it comes down to is… There’s just too many good looking girls out there, too many opportunities that can be so easily passed up for something so much greater, too many callous girls to not waste my time with. Too much treasure that deserves nothing more than whom it’s destined for.

Like an unconnected puzzle piece, there is a perfect fit.

Has to be.
Call me naïve or ridiculously hopeful, whatever…..


Because my heart is tired and doesn’t really want to look anymore. No, instead it wants something new, something never before desired..

My heart wants someone to find it.

Everyday this world is telling me I’m crazy. Sometimes they get me close to convinced, but just when I’m about to give in and believe their realist ways, I see her in my mind and am reminded…

That even just the idea of her is worth holding out for because…

She’s totally unbelievably worth it.

And even though every inch of me say it just can’t be so, these fairy tales don’t really happen, I have to hang on to the possibility, I have to say when I look at my letters to her,

“No, they do.”

There will be no settling until my treasure is found.

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