Live free

by Sally Wilson 


I was sitting on the concrete, my feet dangling into the ceder chips below when I realized I’d had my head buried in my sidekick for the last 10 minutes, glancing up to say a few encouraging words to the kids here and there and make sure they weren’t jumping off anything high enough to snap femurs.

Then Emily ran past me, the sun shining on her as she chased a leaf; jumping like a frog trying to grasp it each time

And this realization hit me.

She would never be exactly as old ever again, as she is today.

She’s 2 yrs and ‘x’ amount of days, but tomorrow she’ll be 2yrs x+1 etc. This is the only day for the rest of her life that she will be this old.

Too often I think that “tomorrow will be better, ill just wait”

But this is the only October 3rd, 2007 ill ever live through. The only day ill be 19 yrs ‘x’ days

People make these huge plans for holidays; new years Christmas, Valentines… and they expect it to be amazing and exciting and full of greatness.

Why do people live for certain days?

Why do they expect a few days a year to make every other day worth it?

Like, “valentines comes once a year… better make the most of it”

Why can’t everyday be viewed like that ?

Nobody says, “January 14th, 2007 only comes once in my entire life..lets make it AWESOME”

But maybe we should.

Maybe we should view each day as a gift we get to experience only once.

Why waist the only May 14th, 2008 or Feb 27th, 2009 we ever get?

Everyday spent sad, spent depressed, spent ungrateful, spent lazy, spent unfulfilled, spent faithless, spent, passionless, spent angry, spent selfishly is a day we wasted. A day where we didn’t enjoy it as the gift that is is. A day we will never get back.

There will always be those days where you just don’t save the world.

But I challenge you to make sure that the days you do enjoy..I mean really appreciate each minute as a blessing, far, far outnumber the days that you don’t.

Appreciate the sunshine, appreciate each new morning.

Live Free.”

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