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Welcome to, a website dedicated to impractical daydreaming, important news developments, inspiring epiphanies and Infinity: an upcoming thrilling weekly fiction series.  Explore the site, read some posts, send me feedback, tweet your favorites and join the conversation.

For a long long time I used blogs such as (for those of you who can remember) Xanga, Live Journal, eventually just Facebook notes and then Tumblr but I felt like this was the perfect time to move on, grab my own domain and start a site that is much more than just a blog, but a hub for information, news, articles, resume, fiction, organized in a clear and easy to navigate format.  Thanks to my genius tech friend, internet entrepreneur, foodie and incredible chef Mark Walz, TheJKinz now has a headquarters, a home base that will be constantly updated.

I’m at a fascinating, uncertain yet hopeful crossroads in my life.  Having graduated from Asbury University in Kentucky with a degree in journalism I work mostly for an incredibly creative retro monthly magazine The Sun by the Sea in Wildwood, New Jersey and freelance for other news outlets such as The Seven Mile and The Sea Isle Times.  Having spent my last semester in Washington DC interning at Tucker Carlson’s news website The Daily Caller, I had the honor of working beside some amazing yet hilarious professionals and got a taste of the national scene.  A part of me longs to be back in that fast paced game, another part of me longs to only express my creativity.  Soon things will change yet again and another chapter will begin and another new story will be chased down.  If you’re brave enough, follow into those new and epic scenes.

Do you have a blog or important news that you want to share? Send it my way and I will re-post or link you.  Reply to the posts, spread the messages and news around and I will do the same for you.

What may start as a blog may be the launch of an Internet Empire.




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