Infinity Series

Infinity 1.

Oslo, Norway

The armored police convoy made its way to the courthouse.  Breivik stared at the crowds of people awaiting his arrival.  Journalists, protestors and police surrounded the building.  Minutes later he was escorted inside through an underground tunnel and up to the “closed to the public” 8th floor.  The hearing lasted 35 minutes.  Judge Kim Heger ruled that Breivik should be remanded in custody for eight weeks and held in isolation for a month.  The prosecution asked that he should not receive letters or visitors, a request which was also granted.  This on top of only 21 years in prison for the brutal massacre of almost 100 people, Breivik now had a month completely to himself.  Lawyers said that Breivik was co-operative, adding that he claimed to have been acting alone but mentioned other “cells” within Europe.  After the speedy hearing, Breivik stood up, a smug glance through beady eyes at Heger and exited the room, police on either side.  Heger wiped his brow, removed his glasses and took a deep breath.  The room seemed heavy as he sat staring for a few seconds after the door had shut..


Washington, DC


The blue line train slowed and came to a stop at the Franconia/Springfield Metro Station.  Infinity News Network Editor and Chief Ainsley Kate Wilson sipped a vente iced starbucks coffee and checked her iPhone.  One new email message.  She stood up, grabbed her bag and pushed the blonde hair from her face, standing beside the platform as the train pulled away.  The email came from a source, a reliable unnamed person out in cyber space who had always proved accurate and seemed to trust Ainsley and the Infinity Network.  As always the email was a (no subject).  “Gardenslayer arrested in Shetland Islands as of an hour ago, check personal account.”  That’s usually how it was, short and to the point.  Ainsley tensed at the thought of one of Infinity’s most reliable sources being arrested, especially the one who helped get the news organization off the ground.  His online identity was Topiary Gardenslayer, no one knew who he was or where he resided but he was a prominent member of the global vigilante hacker group known as ‘Anonymous.’
The group described themselves as freedom fighters, anti-censorship defenders of free speech and Julian Assange’s whistle-blower safe haven website, WikiLeaks.  Anonymous had proved to never be underestimated.  They had recently destroyed the cyber security firm used by the U.S. government after discovering a plot against them.  The oppressive governments of Syria, Egypt, and Iran had all had their share of Anonymous hacks.  But now things were getting personal and Ainsley became worried.  She stood on the platform totally engaged in her phone, eyes wide as another train sped by, “ding ding, doors closing, please move to the center of the car, ding ding ding.” She clicked open her personal email and there she discovered a treasure trove.  Minutes before Gardenslayer’s arrest, he had sent a game changing email to her with evidence that could turn tables.  He must have known Scotland Yard was coming, otherwise he wouldn’t have sent such an immense amount of data, especially at once.  But he knew Ainsley and INN could be trusted to get the real story.  It would only be a matter of time before the other news outlets would become aware of the famous arrest, but as of now Ainsley had more information on Topiary Gardenslayer and his activities than anyone else in the media world.  Quickly she turned around and boarded the next train back into DC.  She needed to get back to the office, big news was about to break..


Los Angeles

The melodic sound of clinking silver ware echo ed through Nate ‘n Al’s diner in Beverly Hills.  Jack Kelly sat across from his producer and graphic designerover coffee and sandwiches.  The deal had been made, and the first of a series of eight movies with Columbia Pictures was set to begin filming in the upcoming week.  It all started when Jack was in college.  He began working on a screenplay based on an element of truth that eventually became the premise of his series.  During his senior year he spent a week in LA visiting a friend at Pepperdine University when he overheard two producers chatting about their upcoming film at the very same diner.  Amid the clamor of voices, Jack listened carefully as they discussed how they wanted their audience to feel at a certain scene, how well the screenplay had been written, and potential actors for specific roles.  With some kind of unknown boldness, he stood up, walked over to their table and placed his business card on the counter.  “I couldn’t help but overhear you guys.  You have no idea who I am, but I promise you I have a story for you that will change your entire life.  Contact me if you’re brave enough.”  As he walked away the table smirked and laughed, all but one man, the man who sat across from him today at Nate ‘n Al’s who was now producing his movie.  Jack Kelly was in his element.  As a journalism graduate he lived and worked in Washington where he met Ainsley Kate Wilson among other journalists through a college program.  He had interned for The Daily Caller and began breaking stories about the Anonymous hacker group where he had stumbled upon his primary source, Topiary Gardenslayer.  Eventually Ainsley and Jack together started Infinity News Network, the web based news agency specializing in breaking news and investigative journalism.  The two had chased down many stories together, making international headlines and getting Drudge linked almost daily.  Somehow, their news network had taken off, and with the right friends in the right places with the right money, Infinity was making a name for itself.  But the time had come for Jack to pursue his dream of taking his creativity to Hollywood.  As much as he loved the fast paced ever so changing world of news, it felt good to be in another element now, one that landed him a comfortable apartment by Venice Beach and multi-million dollar movie deal.  As the group discussed how the movie would play out, Jack couldn’t help but remember the day he overheard another group just like this, and how the man who would become his producer had eventually taken a chance on him.  A phone call interrupted the conversation.  Jack excused himself and walked towards the door.

“Ainsley, what’s up?  How’s The District?” he said.

“Jack, I think you need to come back to Infinity.. something has come up.”

“What do you mean?”

“Our source… well, your source, Gardenslayer was arrested about an hour ago in the Shetland Islands,” she said.

Jack grew silent, he never expected Gardenslayer to be discovered.  He was just as surprised as she was.

“Ainsley, we knew this could happen.  I can’t leave Hollywood for something like that.  Infinity is fine without me, you have everything under control.”

“No, you don’t understand, he sent me an email, more like a data dump of information.  He trusted us with it, and I don’t think things are what they seem, Jack.  That massacre in Norway, there’s more to that story, and I think I’m sitting on it..”

Jack leaned against the window of the diner, running his hand through his hair.

“Jack I wouldn’t have called you if I didn’t think it was that big, but it is, and I think everything’s going to drastically change. I’ll forward you everything under the secure email, you’ll understand immediately.  Besides, I could use one of our Starbucks gossip sessions.  There’ll be a lot to talk about after we go over all of this.”

“Who was Gardenslayer?” he asked.

“His name’s Davis, 18-years-old, we’ll break the first story about it.”

Jack was shocked that the source he had been corresponding with for the past few years was a mere teenager, a technical genius with immense capabilities.

“Ainsley, I’m about to start movie production in the next few days, I can’t just put this thing on hold..”

“Jack, listen, we need to get to the bottom of this story.  We figure this thing out and this will be your next movie…”

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