I think Hurricane Irene spoiled me a little bit.  Last night Wildwood was still a ghost town, and mostly all the flooding had receded.  The ocean had went back to its rightful place, leaving behind massive pools and puddles on the beach.  The bay returned to normal and the wind dissipated.  Irene left behind a chilly summer’s night I again had the island all to myself, cruising about on my bike, down the boardwalk which suffered minor damage and through the streets.  Groups of people would pop up here and there and a pizza shop was open for business on Pacific Avenue.  My house was untouched and the power never went out.  For a hurricane Irene wasn’t nearly as bad as she could have been.  However, let’s not underestimate her strength, for some people in North Carolina lost everything due to her.  For them, Irene wasn’t all “just a bunch of hype.”  One of those most powerful images that came from the storm was of the Stinson family sitting on steps surrounded by water where their now nonesxistant cottage once stood in Nags Head, North Carolina.  Such a moving and heart stirring picture.   Continue reading “aftermath” »

me, myself and Irene

I never thought it could happen, that Wildwood would lose its beach.  I thought for sure it would be awfully bizarre if the ocean actually came up onto the island being that the beaches are so gigantic.  We often joke about them saying we have to “Walk across the Sahara” to get to the sea, or it’s a place you might run into TuskenRaiders.. now, it’s submerged.  The ocean has swept up against and under the boardwalk and spilled onto the island.  The bay side has flooded too and also extended onto the island and up to the Garden State Parkway which had reported tornadoes touching down earlier this evening. Continue reading “me, myself and Irene” »

as the hurricane approaches..

An eerie stillness sits over the island of Wildwood, which is essentially an abandoned ghost town.  We wish we had a hurricane proof armored vehicle that could float… where can we get one of those?  No cars coming on or off the Rio Grande Bridge and we haven’t seen any humans from our vantage point.  For the first time ever I can actually hear the ocean from my porch which is on the bay-side of the island, 8 blocks from the massive beach which is about a couple blocks long.  There’s a jittery squirm in the pit of my stomach, but I love it.  Seagulls are flying every which way, all disoreineted.  It’s just me and Steve-oh, the last of the mohicans.. It seems as if it’s us and like maybe 20 others left on the island.  

Earlier today we searched for gasoline but pretty much every gas station on the Jersey Cape was out.  Eventually we found one near Cape May Court House that was open.  Waited in a line, filled the tank and the second we screwed the cap back on the gas station attendant announced that there was no more gas.   Seems we got the last tank in South Jersey.

The beaches are all closed off with DANGER tape, and the Boardwalk is shutdown but an announcement came over the speakers saying that all businesses on the island are to be closed by midnight tonight, which seems to have already happened hours ago..  All vehicles have to be stopped and you cannot leave the island past 2 pm tomorrow.  At 4 pm tomorrow there is a curfew on the entire island and residents must be inside or they will be fined.  A car with a loud speaker has been going around announcing a “mandatory evacuation” and to “please leave now.” Continue reading “as the hurricane approaches..” »